Allison (kissmeimjewish) wrote in everwoodownload,


Is everwood going off the air? I'm watching the series finale... and i'm just curious!
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Yes. It's cancelled. :(
hmph that makes me really sad I missed alot this year :(
I saw every episode this year, and I, too am saddened. Especially since several CW shows with lower ratings than EW got renewed. At least they were able to wrap things up satisfyingly.

yeah. I mean I JUST watched the episode.. and I've definatly been crying for the past 2 hours. that was my monday night cry every week. the cry I needed cause that show really made my life make sense.. wow that sounds lame.. but yeah
No, that totally makes sense. That's what the show's been to tons of people (just check the TelevisionWithoutPity forums). I'm not really a TV cryer, but Everwood always touched me. At least it lives on in syndication, which is far better than nothing. :(
ya know.. I didn't think I was one... but it just always hit me... either that or.. it gives me time to think about all the screwy guy situations in my life! aka I think i love my boyfriend of 1 month.... yeah i never get to see him
It'll go into syndication on ABC Family though.